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Any goods to be returned must be approved by R & C Agency (International) Pty Ltd prior to the goods being returned.

R & C Agency (International) will not accept goods returned without a Goods Return Authorised number. This number and invoice number/s relating to the goods being returned must be quoted on all paperwork / claims.

A GRA is not a guarantee that a credit will be issued unless all stock returned is in a saleable condition and is in the original packaging and packaging is unmarked. All goods are to be returned within 15 days of the GRA date, or the GRA will be cancelled. R & C Agency (International) will at its discretion, repair or replace the goods.

Request for Return of goods purchased more than 12 months prior will not be considered.

Goods assembled for a special order are not returnable, these include:

· Cut cable

· LED Rope or Snake Light

· Products where ballasts or control gears have been installed.

Any products altered by customer are not returnable, these include:

· LED Drivers
· Cables attached to the fittings

*Note: All goods being returned are subjects to a restocking fee.

All goods supplied by R & C Agency, except some LED products, are guaranteed against faulty workmanship, materials, or design for a minimum period of 12 months from date of purchase. Some products carry a longer warranty period when specifically stated. Please contact R&C to confirm warranty length for products if unsure.

W12 and W16 wall fans carry a 12 month repair only warranty where products are to be returned to R & C.

No responsibility is accepted for the resources/cost involved with installation or re-installation of faulty products.Orders must be placed through wholesaler for replacement goods and when faulty goods are returned and inspected and deemed a fault of the fitting, credit will be issued.

Products that have been altered in any way or used other than in accordance withtheir instructions are not covered by this warranty - this includes cutting off flex and plugs where supplied with one originally, or quick connect plugs. No responsibility is taken if unsuitable driver/transformer is used with our fitting, causing damage - as we in most cases will have a suitable in-house option to suit. In the event we do not, contact us to further discuss a solution that will suit all parties involved before commencing installation.

All faulty goods will be returned to R & C Agency’s warehouse for inspection and then consequently be replaced or repaired. Claims will only be approved if a qualified electrician originally made the installation. Please contact R & C Agency prior to making any claims.